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Welcome to the Dallastown Area School District!  School menus are planned cooperatively by the Dallastown Area School District and Chartwells to reflect the recommended national dietary guidelines and student preferences. To learn more about Chartwells visit

We are excited to let you know about Nutrikids, a convenient, easy and secure online service that allows parents the ability to view account balances, add funds for lunch & breakfast electronically and view what is purchased each day.  The service is accessible by visiting   By having money in each child’s account prior to entering the cafeteria, we find the lunch lines move along much faster so children have more time to eat and be with friends.  

To access these services:

Visit OR

  1. Go to the District web site at 
  2. Click on the Food Services link (under departments tab).
  3. Click on the link.  From this site you will create your account and add money to your child’s school meal account.  All you need is your child’s name, school student ID number and school ZIP code. 

Also provided on the Dallastown website are step-by-step instructions on how to use the website.

If your child has qualified for free or reduced meal prices, this information is noted in the system and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students without any special indication to the students.

This benefit is good during Breakfast and Lunch services.

See below for frequently asked questions and answers.


What are the benefits of the new MySchoolbucks system and providing my child with pre-paid meal funds?

  • When the account is prepaid you can be sure that your student is only using that money for nutritious lunches/breakfasts served in our cafeteria.
  • Lunch is defined as a choice of entrée, milk choice and many side dishes available to all students.
  • Prepaid accounts for all students allow parents to deposit money in their student’s account, in any amount, at any time, without concerns about security or giving their student the exact change every morning.
  • For those students receiving free or reduced meals, their meals will be rung up as all the other meals are.No one will know whether they are receiving a free or reduced meal or debiting their account, except for the cashier.
  • Lunch lines move faster when meals are prepaid, thus providing students extra time to enjoy their lunch period.

How does my child obtain an ID number for the MySchoolbucks system? Students will be assigned a student ID number by the School District.  This ID number is used in the cafeteria and the library.  This ID number will stay with the student until he/she graduates.  The Intermediate School will have this number on a card, which students will keep with them if needed.

I have more than one child in the district; can I handle all online prepayments from the same online account? Yes. 

Is there a fee to use the on-line prepayment portion of MySchoolbucks?

Once you register at, you can use the online prepayment service, a small convenience fee for each transaction is assessed to cover the PayPal fee that is charged to the district.  The convenience fee is $2.49 per deposit transaction.  Parents placing money into multiple meal accounts will only be assessed the $2.49 fee once per deposit transaction.  The Dallastown Area School District will Not profit from the use of this site

The following FREE services will be available to you after you create an account:  You can receive an automatic email alert when your child’s cafeteria balance is low (and you can set the amount at which you want to be notified) & you can view what your child has been eating in the cafeteria.  

Can I deposit funds into my child’s account using cash or a check? Yes. The amount of the prepayment deposit is entirely up to you; it can range from one day to a month, or even a year.  Cash or checks must be placed in an envelope accompanied by the student’s name and ID number.  (Please do not write this number on the outside of the envelope.)  Keep your child’s ID number confidential.  Checks should be made out to the Dallastown Area School District Cafeteria Fund.  If there is more than one student in a family in either school, one student may make deposits to their sibling’s accounts as long as you give us the ID numbers of each student and tell us the amounts to deposit to each account.

Example: $20.00 check…Billy Doe – Grade 4 #1111 $10.00; Judy Doe – Grade 6 #2222 $10.00

Money may be dropped off for the student’s meal account any morning in the drop box, located in the cafeteria or money is collected in the classroom (please refer to your child’s student handbook for specific information).  Once received, the funds will be deposited into your child’s private school meal account the same day.  

How does my child use their account to purchase meals? At Breakfast/Lunch they will simply pick up their meal, punch in their ID number (or swipe their card at the Intermediate School) on the keypad at the check-out and the money will be subtracted from their account.  

What will stop the student from purchasing more than the parent allows? If this is a problem with your child, simply notify the school cafeteria they attend with your limitations, and they will enter it into the system.  Example: A student desires to purchase 10 of our delicious meals and you only permit one per day, information will be placed in the system and we will comply with your wishes.  If there is a note from Elementary and your student is know in High School you willneed to notify the Cafeteria to remove the note.

How am I notified that my child’s account balance is getting low?

Once you register at, you can receive an automatic email alert when your child’s cafeteria balance is low (and you can set the amount at which you want to be notified) for FREE.  If your child’s account goes into the negative, a letter will come home with your child.  Signing up for the free low balance alert is a more efficient way of keeping track of your child’s balance rather than relying on a negative balance letter to come home with your child.  Please also know the negative balance letters are only sent home every few weeks.  It’s possible your child’s negative balance could be substantial by the time a copy of the letter is received at home.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you to sign up for this free electronic low balance alert.

Borrowing for Retail/Ala Carte items is not permitted once a student’s balance is $0 or below.  If you have any restrictions on your students account and you need them changed please contact the school’s cafeteria lead and we will make the adjustment.  If there is a note on from Elementary, it stays until the parent has it taken off.

What happens to any funds that are left at the end of the school year?

Money in the student’s meal account at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next school year.

What if my child has an Allergy or special food concern?

Please notify the Nurses office who will contact the cafeteria with this information.  Once notified and supplied with a certified physician note, a warning will appear on the cashiers’ screen for a review of the items on the student’s tray.  Food Services will also want to set up a meeting to discuss your student’s meal options.  You may also go to where you can select the school and either Breakfast or Lunch offerings, then up in the right corner you can click on the calculator which will give you Carb counts for items.  To the left of the calculator there is a descending bar where you can select items to be crossed off the menu that contain those ingredients.

My child has qualified for free or reduced Meal prices, will this remain confidential?

Students enrolled in the free or reduced Meal program will not be identified as such.  

Who can I contact for more information about the district’s food service program?

The Director of Dining Services is Kevin Gouldner. He can be reached at 717-244-4021 ext., 3561.

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