Grade 1

Grade 1 Curriculum

Our mission is to provide a safe, challenging, and relevant learning environment that inspires and creates pathways for student success.

In the Dallastown Area School District, the curriculum for the elementary level has been developed to match the instruction and assessment procedures that are used in our integrated, mixed-ability classrooms. All three components - curriculum, assessment, and instruction - are continuously modified to provide classroom environments that better meet each student's individual learning style and instruction level. 

Our classroom instruction focuses on a process approach that provides students with opportunities for involvement in their own learning and a more hands-on, participatory environment. A strong and consistent staff development program that focuses on helping staff find effective instructional assessment strategies and techniques for improved student learning has supported the transition over the past decade towards these developmentally appropriate classrooms. As instruction and assessment has changed, so too has the written curriculum.

The intent of the elementary curriculum is to provide a written framework of instruction and assessment that is consistent for each elementary student in the total Dallastown Area School District. The curriculum is never finished, as it changes and evolves based on the needs of our students and our community.

Language Arts

  • Reading Workshop
  • Interactive read aloud
  • Shared reading
  • Guided reading
  • Independent reading
  • Writing Workshop
  • Speaking and listening
  • Word Study
  • Acquire expanded reading and speaking vocabulary
  • Develop basic comprehension skills
  • Follow oral and written directions
  • Read, respond, and listen to literature, including informational text
  • Recognize and use beginning, middle, and ending sounds
  • Recognize basic sight word vocabulary
  • Read and write word family words
  • Spell correctly priority high frequency words
  • Produce developed, focused stories
  • Use basic punctuation and capital letters
  • Write informative/expository texts, opinion pieces, and narrative
  • Read with accuracy and fluency


  • Add and subtract numbers up to 20
  • Recognize patterns and sort accordingly
  • Identify place value
  • Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Identify the value of US coins
  • Read and write the time using both analog and digital clocks
  • Measure lengths
  • Two digit addition and subtraction
  • Organize and use graphs
  • Identify and create two- dimensional shapes
  • Identify and create three- dimensional shapes


  • Bio geology (Rocks and Soil)
  • Earth, Solar System, Universe and Stars
  • Sounds and Lights
  • The Human Body
  • Forces and Motions and Magnets
  • Growth and Development of Organisms – Animals
  • Inheritance of Traits/Variations

Social Studies

  • School Days
  • Family
  • Community/Economics
  • My Country, My Heroes!
  • In and Around the Land
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