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Cafeteria Enhancements for the 2016-2017 School Year

Cafeteria Enhancements for the 2016-2017 School Year


Two years ago, the high school enhanced the dining experiences of our students by implementing a café in our library/media center. That change was met with a positive reception by students and staff members, and led to further enhancements in the high school cafeteria for this year.


This year, in partnership with Chartwells Dining Services, we are again working to change the culture of our cafeteria and the lunchtime experience for students.  We are excited to share that our new cafeteria configuration is becoming increasingly successful in addressing issues from previous years that were not to our satisfaction (i.e., students eating on the lobby floor, student social and safety concerns, desire for increased financial efficiency).

Here are some goals of our new Cafeteria Culture:

  • More opportunities for socialization and inclusion:  In the cafeteria setting, we have implemented four-table and eight-table seating for the purpose of supporting a safe and inclusive environment where students have increased opportunity to interact and converse with more of their classmates.  
  • Expanded dining location options:  Students with CLAW Card privileges now have the option to eat lunch in the Wildcat Café, in our large courtyard, in our Innovation Center courtyard, or in the lobby.  The lobby has been equipped with benches and additional tables and chairs to provide increased lobby seating.

As with many aspects of a new school year, a need for a few minor adjustments became apparent after the first two days of school.  


As of Monday, August 29th, we have made the following improvements:
  • Lunch Waves B and C were shifted in order to distribute numbers of students more evenly, based on increases in enrollment.
  • A second wave of CLAW Cards was distributed to students, resulting in an additional 700 students able to eat lunch in locations other than the cafeteria.
  • A third wave of CLAW Cards will be distributed this week, which will continue to increase the number of students able to eat lunch in locations other than the cafeteria.


Building administrators and the Dean of Students supervise every lunch shift, every day.  Based on our observations this week, the above adjustments have made a marked improvement regarding available seating and general student satisfaction with their lunch experience. 


We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to grow and improve every day.  Thank you.


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Wildcat Cafe Greenhouse Courtyard Tables  
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