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As we enter the heart of the second marking period, it is always good to re familiarize with our school district attendance policies and procedures.  Please know that if your child is legitimately sick (fever, contagious, etc.) we encourage you to keep them home to reduce the spread of the flu.  However, if your child is healthy and able to attend school, their attendance is critical to their academic success.  Furthermore, compulsory attendance is the law in Pennsylvania for any students under the age of 17. Here is some important information for consideration:

  • If your child is not in school by 11 AM and no call or email has been made by a parent/guardian to legitimize their absence, an automated phone call will be made to the contact number in our system indicating the absence.
  • All absences are entered the system as "unexcused" until documentation or communication is made legitimizing the absence.  In Pennsylvania, an unexcused absence for anyone under the age of 17 is considered "illegal".
  • To legitimize your child's absence a parent/guardian can 1) call the school (244-4022, press 3) OR 2) email our attendance office at and note the reason for the absence.
  • Attendance Letters
    • Citation Warning Letter - sent when a student accrues 3 illegal absences as a warning that future illegals will result in a legal citation to be filed with the local magistrate.
    • Citation Letter - sent when a student accrues a 4th illegal absence.  Each subsequent illegal absence also warrants a citation.
    • 8 Day Warning Letter - sent home when a student accrues 8 total absences (excused and illegal) to warn parent of attendance concerns and indicate the need for a doctor's note if 12 absences are accrued
    • 12 Day Letter: sent when a student accrues 12 total absences (excused and illegal) indicating that a doctor's note must be provided for each subsequent absence (beyond 12) in order for the absence to be excused.
    • NOTE: Administration reserves the right to review individual situations.
  • Other Measures to Prevent Truancy
    • Any student that misses 2 consecutive days without parent/guardian contact will receive a personal phone call from his/her guidance counselor.
    • Upon accruing an 8th illegal absence, parents will be required to meet with school officials to develop a Student Attendance Improvement Plan.
    • Chronic truancy may be referred to Children and Youth Services (Family Truancy Department)