Staff Development

During the 2015-16 school year, 13 continuing professional education courses and 4 summer workshops were offered, with 161 teachers and/or teacher substitutes and 12 paraprofessionals participating.

189 curriculum development workshops were conducted with 531 teacher participants, including:

Pencil             Engaging Learners During Worktime Centers and Read Aloud

Pencil                Teacher Innovators: One-to-World Roll Out Planning

Pencil                Honors Chemistry Course Revision

Pencil                Ready, Set, Go for Kindergarten Students

Pencil                Financial Literacy and Economics Curriculum Planning

Pencil                Team Legacy Coloring It Chrome

Pencil                 Hybrid Learning in the DAIS Library

Pencil                 Using Hybrid Learning Model to Restructure 4-6 Library/Technology Education

Pencil                 No Place for Hate® Planning Workshop

Pencil                 Using Moodle and – Chemistry and Physics

Pencil                 Developing IEPs; Holding Meetings for Preschool Transition

Pencil                 SAT Prep Curriculum Writing

Pencil                  New Student Health Record Development

Pencil                  Rubicon Atlas Work

Pencil                  Guidance Articulation/Proposals for Chapter 339

Pencil               Eighth Grade Planning-History Alive! Program