Thank you to all who auditioned. If you were not cast, please consider working on one of the many crews that will be needed for the success of the show.

Featured S. S. American Dancers 

Paige Acker

Allison Hower

Quinn Kelley

Maddie Kunkowski

Sarah Linthicum

Rachel Rehmeyer

Jade Schaefer

Olivia Waltemeyer


Cruise Line Dancers

Lydia Fimmano

Jubilee Herbert

Maddie Kelkis

Cali Kiessling

Hannah Langmead

Caitlyn Parker

Sarah Pell

Sydney Phillips

Sarah Ribblett

Brianna Schunk

Megan White

Caroline Wolfe


Cruising Passengers/Sailors/Reporters-

(More specific lines and roles to be determined) 

Alex Baldwin

Michael Diaz

Xavier Diaz

Phoebe Glattacker

Danny Godstrey 

Varsha Kalakuntla

Jax Kelly

Brandon Leiphart

Olivia Leiphart

Benedetto Leoni

Lily Miller

Isabelle Myers

Nylah Powell

Dani Schoeppner

Emma Stoolmaker

Emily Swartz

Mackenzie Swartz

Trevor Trout

Jordan Widdowson

Taylor Williams


Carter Anstine- Sir Evelyn Oakleigh

Rosie Arbittier- Chastity (Angel)

Abby Astrachan- Faith (Angel)

Maddie Conaway- Charity (Angel)

Olivia Desenberg- Virtue (Angel)

Lilly Gorski- Hope Harcourt

Angel Harrison- Reno Sweeney

Aidan Hostetter- Bishop

Connor Kelley- Ching

Sarah Lytle- Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt

Ray Markey- Whitney

Sam Miller- Captain

Jason Pandelidis- Ling

Audrey Rogers- Grace (Angel)

Alexandra Skouras- Purity (Angel)

Lucas Staub- Purser/Steward

Vanessa Trauger- Bonnie

Julian Vargas- Billy Crocker

Zaire Willis- Moonface Martin

Stay tuned for announcements about picking up scripts and music. 









Show Dates 

 April 9, 10, 2015 at 7 pm 
 Saturday April 11 at 2 pm and 7 pm
Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 2 pm (?)