Welcome to First Grade!
                           Mrs. Mattas                               Mrs. Selway


Reminder: Marking Period 2 Ends on January 17th

Important Dates:

January 2nd – Wear workout clothes for exercise breaks built in throughout the day to start the year off in a healthy way

January 6th- Wear something new!

January 13th - Dress like a Snowman Day

January 16th - No School (MLK Jr. Day)

January 17th - Early Dismissal

No Name Calling Week – January 23rd - 27th

Monday – “Workout Day” – Wear workout clothes.

Tuesday – “Pajama Day” – Wear your pjs!

Wednesday – “Jersey Day” – Wear a jersey with a number on it.

Thursday – “Camo Day” – Wear camo and military gear.

Friday - “Shine Bright Day” – Wear sparkly, bright, or neon clothing.

January 31st – 100th Day of School! 



During January, we will be reading books written by Jan Brett. While reading her books, we will be practicing comparing and contrasting by finding similarities and differences. Later this month, we will discuss the characters in the stories we read and talk about how we can describe them using different character traits. Some character traits we will learn about are: arrogant, calm, pessimistic, cautious, optimistic, considerate, inconsiderate, cowardly, courageous, cruel, dependable, undependable, fearless, ferocious, gullible, humble, loyal, mischievous, miserable, and wise. Try using these words at home!

Word Study

At the end of this month, our spelling program will be changing to Word Study. Each student will be given a spelling test to see what types of words he or she is able to spell (short vowel words, rhyming words, long vowel words, etc.). After taking this test, students will be placed into a spelling group based off of their own spelling abilities. Within these groups, students will practice sorting and spelling using various spelling patterns/features. We will still be having a spelling test each Friday, and students will still be learning three new sight words each week. Please watch for more information coming home later this month about Word Study explaining what you need to be doing with your child each night. This program will be a great way to challenge your child with the types of words that he/she is ready to spell!

Word families for this month: -y, -ake, and -ide    


We will begin the month by writing book reviews! We will try to convince our friends to read our favorite books by stating our opinions and providing a lot of reasons to support that opinion. We will also be publishing our favorite book review. Toward the end of the month, we will transition into writing realistic fiction stories! 


We are revisiting subtraction this month and will really focus on subtraction strategies. We will use number lines, doubles facts, and related facts to help us become faster with our subtraction facts. We will also continue to use the Xtra Math program.  Don’t forget to have your child log on at home for extra practice with fact fluency!

Math Vocab Words: count back, count on, fact family, missing addend 

Science/Social Studies

During this month, we will be learning about our community and the people who work in and help out around our community. We will also be spending some time talking about our country and important people who have helped our country in a positive way. We will discuss ways that we can be helpful, productive members of Dallastown!