Title I Teacher Contacts:
Anissa Reck 
Sue Argento
Heather Manahan 
Beth Tucker
Dallastown Area School District under the provisions of No Child Left Behind receives funding to help supplement the educational opportunities at four elementary buildings.  Those elementary buildings include Dallastown, Ore Valley and York Township.  Title I, Part A provides these federal dollars to help supplement the reading services in each buildings.  

Dallastown offers a Targeted Assistance program in which individual students are targeted to receive Title I services. Students are identified based upon multiple, objective, educationally related criteria. Services may be delivered in a number of ways such as in-class instruction, pull out instruction, and week or year programming. The Title I teacher(s) are responsible for providing extra services to the identified children, coordinating with other school personnel involved with the children and involving parents in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Title I program.

For additional information, please go to  http://www.dallastown.net/domain/679


If you have any questions about the Title I program, please call Mr. Greg Anderson, principal, at 505-5051.