Instructional Support Team (IST)

Committed to the belief that all students can LEARN!

Instructional Support Teacher:  Mrs. Dellinger



                                                       We all succeed when we work together!


What it IST?  The Instructional Support Team process is designed to identify students who are experiencing academic difficulties.  The I.S.T. process provides students with the support necessary to experience success.


How does it work?  Once a teacher requests I.S.T. assistance, the team will meet to do the following:

  • Identify the student’s need for academic help
  • Develop strategies to assist the student
  • Implement intervention strategies and monitor progress


If the Instructional Support Team reports progress, the student may exit the program.  If a student’s needs cannot be met in a regular classroom, the child is then referred for further evaluation and assistance. 


Who is on the team?  The team includes the following individuals:

  • Parents or Guardians
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Instructional Support Teacher
  • Building Principal


Other school staff members may also serve on the team, depending on the student’s needs.  These could include other teachers, reading recovery teacher, Title I teacher, intervention teacher, speech therapist, guidance counselor, psychologist, and/or nurse.


Stacey Dellinger

Instructional Support Teacher

Ore Valley Elementary

Phone 505-5051-5506

Fax 741-2523