Welcome to Kindergarten!

OV Kindergarten Team


Mrs. Kurcheski



Mrs. Ravo

Mrs. Haas


Dates to Remember:

January 6th - Rock N Roll Day 
January 12th - Cozy Up Day (wear sweats) 
January 16th - No School
January 17th - Early Dismissal
No lunch or Special 
January 23rd-27th - No Name Calling Week - details to follow 
January 31st - Backward Day (wear your shirt backward) 

Wednesdays - Wildcat Wednesday- Wear blue and white
Reading Themes:
             * Winter
             * Imagination
             * Mo Willems
Phonemic Awareness:
             * Count words in a sentence
             * Segment and blend sounds in words
             *  Hear and identify beginning and ending sounds
         * Hear and identify rhyming words
             * Hear long vowel sounds in words 
             * Count syllables in words
Reading Concepts:
          * Self Monitor and correct my reading (does it look right, sound right, and make sense)
            *With prompting and support, use print and illustrations to gain meaning
               *With prompting and support, retell a story 
              *With prompting and support, preview a book (picture walk)
               * Recognize familiar print
          * With prompting and support, use familiar reading experiences and print to read text
               * Interact with the text using personal connections, predict, discuss and ask relevant questions, identify characters, setting and events
               * Understand relevant vocabulary
               *Locate and identify punctuation and reflect it during oral reading
          *Begin to use letter sounds and rhyme chunks to decode unknown words 
Writing Concepts:
           * Write meaningful thoughts of two or more sentences on a related topic
               * Use familiar word wall words
               * Correctly use some letters to match beginning sounds
               * Include vowels in words
               * Draw recognizable picture
              * Write to convey a message and attempt to read it back 
              * Use classroom resources and environmental print to support writing
          * Attempt to answer who, what, when, where and why in story 
Word wall words:
         I                  a             and            see        in
         my              to            me             at          he
         the              like         we             do         on
              am              is            are                          can
Word Families:   -at,  -an
        Letters -  Jj, Pp, Kk and Bb
          * Orally count to 50
          * Recognize and write numbers 0 to 20
          * 1 to 1 matching to 20 
          * Compose and Decompose numbers to 10
       * Identify and compare 3D shapes
       * Determine if the solid shapes will roll, stack or slide 
Social Sciences:
            * Discuss Martin King Jr. and getting along with others
          * Review what it means to be a good citizen in school
            * Observe and explain current seasonal changes
        * Describe and identify solids, liquids and gases
 Websites that you can access at home that we use here at school: