Organizations should email their flyer requests to (flyer MUST be a PDF to be posted):  (Loganville-Springfield Principal)
If approved, the flyer will be posted on the Loganville-Springfield Elementary website (under the 'Information' tab).
Loganville-Springfield Elementary and the Dallastown Area School District neither encourage nor discourage student participation in the services offered on these flyers, and the school and district assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Girl Scouts - posted 7/23/15
Cub Scout Flyer - posted 12/3/15
JLS Girls Softball - posted 1/7/16
JLS T-Ball and Baseball - posted 1/28/16
York Youth Soccer League - posted 2/1/16
American Legion Essay - posted 2/2/16
Spring Swim Program - posted 2/3/16