How to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader


·       Give your child easy books to read so they can practice without stopping.

·       Use repeated readings with your son or daughter.  Allow your child to practice the story as many times as needed.

·       Read books aloud to your child, no matter how old they are.

·       Provide opportunities for shared reading. Go to the library and check out the same book as your child. You can take turns reading aloud with your child. 

·       Use echo reading.  Read a short passage from a favorite book and ask your child to reread it matching your fluency, accuracy, and expression.

·       Point out punctuation.  Model how to pause at commas, how the voice goes up for a question and how it goes down at the end of the sentence with a period.

·       Record your child reading a favorite book.  Send it to a distant relative or friend.