Mr. Gladfelter, PE teacher
Physical Education is everyone's business!
Here at Dallastown Elementary, PE is the combination of fun intertwined with a variety of movement,  social activity and fitness. Students get to experience the gross motor movements, fine motor skills, social development, problem solving adventures and much more. It is important for all students to grow in the understanding of managing their total physical, social, mental and academic well being. That is right! You read this correctly! Academic performance is realated very closely to physical performance. 
Recent research has shown that cross-lateral movements are related to how the brain responds to reading and writing skills in the classroom. Physical Education Teachers here at Dallastown have be doing many cross-brain activities for years. It is through several conferences and workshops that we have gained a better understanding of how effective this is and how very important PE classes are to our students. 
The environment in PE class is one that makes each student feel important and special no matter what their skill levels are. They seem to feel comfortable and safe to attempt different activities and develop their skills with support from thier peers and the teacher. 
At this elementary level, life skills are taught. Things such as good sportsmanship, working through conflicts, problem solving, being responsible by bringing the proper attire to participate, learning how to handle competitive activities, and developing good safety habits while away from school. 
Meeting Pennsylvania State requirements and school curriculum requirements are also blended into the daily lesson plan for each class. One goal is for these standards to be carried over into the student's personal life after their formal educational years are completed.  
Have a safe and great school year!
Last Modified on January 14, 2011