Human Resources
Human Resources Team
Troy Fisher - Director of Employee Relations & Administrative Services
Deb Salisbury - Human Resources Coordinator - Employment (ext. 4206)
Sheri Baer - Human Resources Coordinator - Benefits (ext. 4274)
Fax 1-866-273-9427


Applicants for positions are recruited in several ways depending upon the nature of the position(s) to be filled.  Methods most commonly used include:  

  • District website
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Social media websites
  • Pennsylvania School Boards Association’s Information
  • Legislative Services (ILS) Bulletin
  • College/university career service offices


Professional applications for the new school year are typically screened in February.  Interviews are then scheduled in March and April.  All other applications are screened as soon as is possible.

Candidate Interviews

Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted by the Human Resources department.  The initial interview for professional positions will be conducted by a group of two to six building principals.  At the secondary level, department chairpersons and subject area leaders may also serve as members of the interview team.  Demonstration lessons or multiple interviews may be required for some positions.


At the completion of all professional interviews, the interview team will make an employment recommendation to the superintendent.  A second interview with the superintendent and the director of employee relations and administrative services will be conducted.  References will be checked and the results will be documented.  The successful candidate will be contacted and an employment offer will be made, pending school board approval.  

Last Modified on June 27, 2017