Academic Initiatives


     Arrow  Online Curriculum Mapping with                     Rubicon Atlas
            All Grade Levels 
     Arrow  Staff Development Courses and                     Workshops
           All Grade Levels
     Arrow  Model for Teaching (DASD's                           Framework)
           All New Teachers Trained
     Arrow  Dallastown Area Cyber Academy
           Grades 4-12
     Arrow  Hybrid Learning Training and                         Implementation
           Grades 4-8
     Arrow  English Course Revisions
           Grade 10
     Arrow  Math and Reading Specific                             Remediation Courses
    Arrow  STEM Planning


     Arrow  Team Coaching Sessions
     Arrow  Study Island Remediation Program
           All Grade Levels
     Arrow  Diagnostic/Remedial Instruction
           All Grade Levels
    Arrow  One-to-World Chromebook Training
          Grades 4-8
    Arrow  No Place for Hate Initiative
          All Grade Levels
    Arrow  Implementation of PA Core                              Assessments
          Grades 3-8
    Arrow  ELA Program Investigation and                      Evaluation
          Grades 7-8
   Arrow  Glencoe Math Program Implementation
         Grades 7-8
   Arrow  AP Physics I
Last Modified on January 31, 2017