Formerly known as "Dallastown Area Dollars for Scholars"
Phone: (717) 244-4021 ext. 4261

Effective January 1, 2017, DFSC members became directors of the Dallastown Area Educational Foundation and a majority of them continue to serve under the Foundation's signature theme of "Legacy."  The following link will take you to the current membership list: DAEF Board of Directors. 

2016 DFSC Board of Directors
2016 DFSC Board
Front row: Cathy Mentzer, Ashley Spector, Erin Ricketts, Maria Polli and Susanne Lewis  
Center row:  Thomas McCracken, Dr. Ronald Dyer, Collin Rehmeyer, Dr. Erin Heffler,
Dr. Sue Cathcart, Lisa Kirby, Jennifer Leidy and Matthew Manning, II   
Back row:  Ken Silberstein, Brad Stein, Sean Orendorf and Atty. Jeff Rehmeyer
Photo courtesy of Gary Alcorn.
Membership as of August 2016...

Sean Orendorf - Chairperson, Year 6
Dr. Sue Cathcart - Vice Chairperson, Year 1
Ashley Spector
- Treasurer, Year 8
Dr. Ronald E. Dyer - Secretary
Brad Stein - Past Co-Chairperson, Year 5
Julie Dietz-Wheeler - Past President
Elected Community Directors
Julie Jacobs - Year 8
Cathy Mentzer - Year 8
Kurt Kay - Year 4
Dave Fink - Year 3
Ken Silberstein - Year 3
Julie Crump - Year 3
Lisa Kirby - Year 2
Jennifer Leidy - Year 1
Susanne Lewis - Year 1
Matthew Manning, II - Year 1
Maria Polli - Year 1
Erin Ricketts - Year 1 

Constant Directors
Dr. Kevin Duckworth - High School Principal
Chad Bumsted - Middle School Principal
Dr. Erin Heffler - Intermediate School Principal
Charles Patterson - Elementary School Principal

Appointed Directors
Robert Donatelli - Teacher Representative
Nate Orendorf and Collin Rehmeyer - 12th Grade Student Representatives
Daniel Hanuska - 11th Grade Student Representative
Maha Madapoosi - 10th Grade Student Representative
Nicole Turbutt - 9th Grade Student Representative

Jeffrey L. Rehmeyer, II, Esq. - Legal Counsel
Tom McCracken - Financial Advisor/Investment Manager
Bill Probert - Ex Officio Member

Representative to/from the Foundation
Ashley Spector - Treasurer