Peer Mediation



   Dallastown elementary schools have a program in place entitled “Peer Mediation”. This program helps students to find solutions to conflicts in a peaceful manner. Our students in the upper grades in our elementary schools apply for the job as a peer mediator. Students are selected into the program. The school counselors and other support staff train peer mediators. Meetings are scheduled throughout the year.


Frequently asked questions:


How do the peer mediators help students find solutions to their conflicts?


The peer mediators begin by introducing themselves to the students in a conflict and ask them if they would like help in finding a solution to the conflict. Should the students agree, they move to the designated problem solving area, away from other students. Peer mediators ask the disputants to follow some ground rules. Mediators actively listen to the disputants’ conflicts and ask the disputants how they feel. Peer Mediators also ask the disputants to share with one another what they would like the other person to do in order to solve the conflict and how they can prevent the conflict from happening again. Once the students’ feel the conflict has been solved, the peer mediators congratulate the students and have them sign an agreement form, which then is turned into the guidance office.



Are peer mediators allowed to discipline students?


 No. Peer mediators received training. This training educated the team in problem solving skills. The main focus of the peer mediation program is to enable our students to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts. The peer mediators are simply there to guide our students in the problem solving process so the solution can be found before the conflict worsens. Only qualified adults are permitted to discipline a student.

Last Modified on October 25, 2006